RTSP is open to the public. We welcome walk-ins regardless of your shooting experience. This could be your 1st time shooting, or your 101st time – we will make you feel right at home. You do not need to be a member to shoot here (but membership does have it’s privileges, check out our membership packages). Do you have your own firearms and ammo? Not a problem! You can bring your own. All that we ask is that if you are renting any of our firearms, that you purchase ammo at RTSP.

Port Rental Fees-

• Handgun Only $20/hour
• Rifle & Handgun $25/hour
• Port Share Fee $10 (up to 3 people per port)

Firearm Rentals-

• Handgun Rentals $15
• Rifle Rentals $25
* Please note: All rentals are interchangeable within the caliber at no additional fee. Change of caliber is subject to an additional rental fee.

Range Introduction  $25 (per port) – This 15 minute live fire course is perfect for all fist time shooters or anyone who needs a refresher. Our Range Safety Officers will teach you the basics of safety, function and operation of a firearm while on the range. No need for a reservation! Just let our staff know you would like an introduction and you will be set to go!
• Ammunition prices are dependent upon caliber
• Ear & Eye Protection Rental $2.50
• Targets $1.50 – $3.50

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