How does our online store work?

Any firearm you purchase through this store will be shipped to us at no additional cost to you. That means you also avoid any transfer fees! Shipping takes about 2 business days. As soon as your firearm arrives, our staff will contact you to arrange pick up!

Please note: This online store is not a reflection of our in-store inventory. If you would like an up to date account of in stock firearms, please contact our Sales Team at ext. 109(Randolph) or ext. 209 (Union). If a firearm is not NJ legal or cannot be made compliant, the firearm will be returned and you will be responsible for a 15% restocking fee. If your firearm requires compliance work, you will be responsible for any additional gunsmithing fees. If you have questions regarding legality or compliance before purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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