February 29, 2020

Union, NJ

RTSP offers the required training for the non-resident Utah Concealed Carry Permit. This permit is recognized in 32 states.

*The Utah CFP course is a theory only course and does not require live fire exercises or the student to bring a firearm to the course.
All necessary application requirements (except the Utah BCI fee) are included, as follows:
  • Application
  • Training Certification
  • Fingerprint card and fingerprint services
  • Photograph
  • Packaging
  • Postage

In addition to the RTSP class fee, there is a processing fee. This fee is currently $63.25 but is subject to change at any time. Please bring a credit card or personal check payable to Utah BCI. If paying by check, it is recommended that you complete the check in class, in the event that the processing fee changes. Processing fees have dropped recently, and may continue to drop. Improper check amounts can result in returned applications. Please note, applicants who reside in a state in which the Utah CFP is recognized must bring their state issued carry permit (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO NJ RESIDENTS). NJ Residents need only to bring their photo ID.



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