November 9 & 7, 2019


This exclusive Women’s series provides progressive firearms training that leads the student from core fundamentals through advanced tactics in a stair-stepped approach to learning. Highlights include marksmanship, low light techniques and shooting on the move to help build a well-rounded foundation for the real world, while establishing relationships among fellow female shooters in the community.

The culmination of the “Women’s Train to Prevail Series” invites the student to explore the challenges of shooting in a 360 degree world by incorporating Simulation ‘Force on Force’ training in conjunction with skill sets learned throughout the previous classes. In this dynamic course, students have the opportunity to learn about self-defense in the home, search and room clearing, as well as, discussions on use of force and castle doctrine.


Perfect for all experience levels!


Fundamentals & Foundations
Presentation & Marksmanship
Low Light Essentials
Getting Off The X
Home Defense
Complete Series


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